• Do you find difficulties in obtaining information about unknown source remedies
  • Do you need help with case taking and analysis?
  • Are you seeking guidance in the ‘Sensation’ method?
  • The best information source for practitioners of the ‘Sensation’ method
  • Every information tried and tested in clinical situations
  • For availing the benefits of entire system that has been developed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran


Sankaran’s Expert System

Developed by Dr Paresh Vasani and his team of Homoeopaths.


Strong foundations are the most requisite to learn Homoeopahty. Even after

learning Homoeopathy in seminars and workshops, Homoeopaths face many difficulties

while treating a patient. Homoeopathy is advancing so rapidly with newer remedies

and new developments pouring in every month. It is most essential for a Homoeopath

to be in touch with these recent advances. So keeping all these aspects in mind,

Dr Paresh has developed a unique software ‘VitalQuest’ based on Dr

Rajan Sankaran’s teachings. He says, "Developing VitalQuest helps

me to understand the finer aspects of the method which are necessary to reproduce

the results". Today this software has earned a reputation of most indispensable

tool amongst practitioners of the Sensation method.


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